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The Top 5 Forex Price Action Sites - Reviewed and Listed

I have visited many price action trading websites over the past decade. Some I visit regularly, some have only been of use to me once or twice. I thought best to combine my experience and create a list of my recommended price action websites. I am aware that I have not visited all available price action websites, so apologies if I have missed any sites worth noting.

IC Markets Broker Review

IC Markets is a Forex broker based in Sydney, Australia. They have been in the Forex business since 2007 and are one of the very few retail ECN brokers. Their head office is in Australia but they take international clients.

Below is my review of the Forex broker, IC Markets...

The Best Free Forex Courses

The internet is full of free Forex content. This content includes free Forex training videos, free Forex courses and various Forex trading blogs. Many new traders can feel overwhelmed and some of this content is questionable. To help with this, I have created a simple list of my top rated free Forex courses that you can take online. Please have a read and use the appropriate links to access the material...

Nial Fuller - Learntotradethemarket - Course Review

One of the most popular on-line Forex trading courses is Nial Fuller's Pro Forex Trading Course. Nial is Forex trader, author and coach. He specialises in long-term (4 hour and daily chart) price action trading. His blog is one of the most popular price action trading blogs on the net. Nial has been trading for over 14 years and is regarded as a honest, consistent and profitable Forex and CFD trader.

Below is my review of Nial Fuller's trading course...

SM Capital Trading Signal Review

SM Capital is a financial trading and investment company owned by professional trader, Samuel Morton. They are a proprietary trading fund that offer various financial market services to both corporate and retail trading entities.

One of their retail trading services is their Order Book Subscription a.k.a Trading Signal Subscription.

Below is my review of SM Capital's Order Book Subscription Service...

The Complete Investment Banking Course - Trading Course Review

The Complete Investment Banking Course is not a trading course. It does not offer insights into technical analysis, money management, trading strategies or provide other typical trading course content - I understand this. The reason why I wanted to take and review this course is that many financial traders have an active interest in investment banking and their role within equity, debt and other financial markets.

Below is my review of The Complete Investment Banking Course...

SM Capital Retail Trading Course Review

SM Capital Fund offers a retail trading course. The course is hosted by professional Forex and futures trader, Samuel Morton (owner of SM Capital Fund and love-the-pips). Samuel started his career as an accountant but moved into trading financial markets after he became unemployed for the 4th time in his life. Samuel is considered one of best forex and CFD traders that provides assistance and services to retail traders.

Below is my review of SM Capital's Retail Trading Course...