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Book Review: Market Wizards

market wizards book review
Market Wizards (Interviews with Top Traders) is one of the most recommended and mentioned trading books online. It is considered a classic and demand for the publication continues to be strong even after more than 25 years from the books initial release.
The trading book consists of a series of interviews with various stock, commodity and currency traders, the book contains more than 15 of these interviews.
The author (Jack D. Schwager) is well-known for his publications and is an active fund manager and industry expert in futures and hedge funds.
Below is my review of Market Wizards...

It's so Diverse

Jack has such a wide scope of traders that he interviews. Each interviewee comes from a different background, specialises in a different financial asset or a group of financial assets and has a different approach to trading the markets. Because of these differences, each trader offers different insights in to successful trading and the book is a treasure trove of trading experience.

It's an Easy Read

The book consists of writing recordings of interviews with profitable traders and investors, the content is simple and allows for an easy-read. The book is perfect for long reading sessions or for a quick read - I enjoyed reading an interview at a time.

The Interviewees are the 'Real-Deal'

The traders interviewed in Market Wizards do not just offer a variety of insights, they are all professional traders and/or fund managers. They all trade for a living and most have accumulated a vast amount of wealth through their trading activities, they are surely some of the best traders to read about and learn from.


Market Wizards (Interviews with Top Traders) does make it to my 'Most Recommended' trading books and may be one of my Top 10 Trading Books (once I get around to finishing the page). It is inspiring and clearly demonstrates that money can be made trading by using a variety of very different trading styles. I suggest that you read this book.

If you would like to purchase this book, please use this link if you are in the UK or this link if you are in the US.


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