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Trading Signal Review: Walter Peters (FXJake)

Walter Peters is a professional Forex trader, mentor and fund manager. He is the owner of FXJake (Confessions of a Naked Trader) and author of one of my top 10 trading books, Naked Forex. Walter has a strong number of positive on-line reviews and is well known in the retail trading industry. He has been featured in The Wall Street Journal and on various websites, including FX Street, Yahoo Finance and Forex Peace Army.

I subscribed to Walter's trading signals, below is my review...

Please note: I use the same template for all of my trading signal reviews. To see a list of my top 10 Forex trading signal providers, please use this link. Please also note that trading signal providers may have made changes to their signals and cost since my review. Please check with the signal provider's website for full details. I do not receive any financial or other benefit for these reviews.

Are the Trading Signals Profitable?

Yes, I can confirm that Walter's Forex trading signals are profitable. Risk to reward ratios are slim compared to other signal providers but the trading signals do have a high probability of winning.

How much do the Trading Signals Cost?

The fee for a monthly subscription to FXJake and Walter's trading signals is very competitive, perhaps one of the cheapest profitable Forex trading signals subscriptions available.

Are the Trading Signals User Friendly?

Sorry Walter, this is where I felt a little let down. I am very experienced with on-line courses, trading signal subscriptions and the internet in general, I found the signals fairly "hard work" to follow. At the time of my subscription, I had to log-in (2 different log-ins, one for the signals and one for his exclusive content) and enter FXJake's signal portal. The layout of the portal was not user-friendly, new signals were simply entered by text in the portal or by video. Other trades and current positions were updated through Twitter. I would have preferred a periodic email, detailing the signal(s) and current positions. I felt that I had to "search" for new signals and that there was no alert for new signals or when to adjust or close positions.

What Timeframes are Traded?

The 4 hour charts, daily charts and weekly charts were the focus, I recall more trades on the weekly timeframe than the other 2 timeframes. This makes the trading signals very convenient to those who have full-time commitments or desire a second trading income.

Where is Walter Located?

Walter is American but lives in Australia. Due to the time difference (I am in the UK), there was some difficulty in following some trades but this is to be expected. Most trades were followed.

Anything else?

Walter is a great guy and is very helpful. His videos explains his trades and analysis well, there is a lot you can learn from him, as well as following his trades. Something that I found confusing at times is that Walter provides 2-3 take profit levels, it seems that subscribers are to use their discretion when to close positions down at which level. The trading signals are mainly for Forex currency pairs but other financial assets are also signalled, a few indices, oil, precious metals, etc.

Are Walter Peter's Trading Signals a Scam?

Certainly not. Walter's Forex trading signals are profitable and he is a professional at what he does. I highly recommend the Forex trading signals offered by Walter Peter's. They are profitable and work well with those seeking to trade part-time and off the higher time frames.

To learn more about Walter and his trading signals, please visit


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