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love-the-pips - Trading Signals Review

samuel morton forex trader
Samuel Morton is based in the UK. He is a full-time price action trader and the owner of, which offers price action courses, mentor-ship programs and trading signals for Forex. Samuel also manages his own trading fund, SM Capital.

Below is my review of Samuel's Forex trading signals, a review of his trading course can be found here.

Samuel's Forex trading signals are offered on a monthly subscription. The subscription is 85 GBP per month but he does offer a reduced trial period and also has seasonal discounts as well as cheaper alternatives. His trades are signalled by email and by text and audio in his "trading" room, which is a private chat room. He actively trades Forex on 1 hourly, 4 hourly, daily and weekly charts. Trading signals are provided for all these time-frames and are purely based around price action analysis.

Samuel seems very honest, happy and helpful. I had a few questions about the trading signals and particular trades during my subscription, he always got back to me and provided very satisfactory customer service. Each morning he goes through the current positions he has open and charts he is watching that day, this helps dispel any signal errors and clear any mistakes. His trades are often kept open overnight.

Samuel tends to aim for high risk-reward ratio trades. During my 3 month subscription I closed 2 Forex trades that banked 1:9 risk reward each. Samuel stated that he banked just under 1:10 risk reward each, this is likely due to the difference in broker spread, quoted price and overnight financing charges. His trading style may seem slow at times, some days he makes no trades.

If you are looking for Forex trading signals that are profitable, I strongly suggest subscribing to the trading signals offered by Samuel's signal results are posted to his website each month, I subscribed to his signals for 3 months and my results matched his, give or take a half a percent either way.

The only disadvantage to his trading signals is that you need to be in his trading room throughout the day (0800-1700 GMT) or have constant access to your emails, to be able to follow his trades consistently. For those who have demanding work commitments or are students, may find it difficult to follow each of his trading signals with exactness.

To learn more about Samuel Morton's (lovethepips) Forex trading signals, please click here.


  1. I came across Samuel Morton whilst attempting to find a honest and open minded Trader to learn as much as possible and find someone who I felt I could truly trust to go forward and learn from. Samuel offers many aspects to trading for you to develop and explains things in a very easy way keeping the whole profession simple and without ever making you feel overwhelmed. He offers the whole package including the most important aspect which is how to develop your psychology whilst also learning the technical part too. Samuel is very professional and sincere and I am very fortunate I came across his You tube videos which served as a springboard for me to quickly realise Trading really could be a career for me even though I previously had never considered doing anything like this before and had no qualifications or experience in this kind of work. I gained a lot of confidence from him and true to his word has answered any questions that I wanted to ask. I would recommend Love the pips and Samuel Morton to anybody at any level of success in their trading. Looking forward to getting more and more involved and only getting better whilst learning from Samuel Morton:))

  2. I agree. Samuel is a good trader and very open and honest. I have had losing months with him - which is frustrating - but overall I have made a good return.

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