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Book Review: Master's of Nothing

Masters of Nothing: How the Crash will happen again unless we understand Human Nature is authored by Nadhim Zahawi and Matthew Hancock. Nadhim  Zahawi is a British politician (conservative party member of parliament). Matthew Hancock  is also a British politician and conservative member of parliament. The publication received some strong initial reviews upon it's release but I really thought very little of the book and it's contents (Waterstone's was selling the book for the incredible sum of £1 in it's clearance section, I should have known what I was getting myself into!).

Below is my review of Masters of Nothing...

It's boring

Masters of Nothing is about the economic crisis of 2008 and how we will see a similar global recession again, unless changes are made - stronger policies and understanding the 'human nature' of those making economically influential decisions. The book very much focuses on the behaviour of the banks. The book may sound interesting but it is a hard and slow read. I feel that the authors did their best to either use as much flowery language as possible or to make a very boring book - either way, they succeeded.

Good points?

It has an attractive cover.

Masters of the Universe is very poorly written and I do not recommend it.


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