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Broker Review: Think Forex

ThinkForex is a Forex, CFD and Spread Betting provider with offices in London, England and in Melbourne, Australia. They are a relatively new broker (operating since 2011) and have been on the UK scene since 2015.

Below is my review of ThinkForex...

What I like

Range of markets

As with most non-US based brokers, ThinkForex offer not just Forex trading services but a range of other markets too. Indices, the US Dollar Index, Spot Gold and Spot Silver are offered as well as 35 Forex pairs.

Various types of trading accounts

One of the most unique and appealing characteristics of ThinkForex, is their ability to offer both ECN and market maker trading services. Their ECN Forex trading service offers currency pairs with a 0 pip spread. They also offer spread betting and CFD trading accounts.

They are FCA regulated

ThinkForex are FCA registered and regulated. This is highly appealing to most traders and offers a lot of confidence in their services.

Great customer service

Their customer service is friendly and very helpful. My experience with them was very professional and uplifting - something that the industry lacks.

What I don't like

They only offer one trading platform

ThinkForex offers MetaTrader 4 for desktop and mobile trading. It does not offer it's own trading platform or any other trading platforms. I have always preferred using bespoke trading platforms. If you are not a MetaTrader fan, this broker is probably not for you.


ThinkForex are an above average broker and offer a polite and welcoming customer service team. Their ability to offer ECN Forex brokerage services, as well as spread betting and CFD trading is unique and appealing.

To open an account with ThinkForex, please use this link


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