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Nial Fuller - Learntotradethemarket - Course Review

One of the most popular on-line Forex trading courses is Nial Fuller's Pro Forex Trading Course. Nial is Forex trader, author and coach. He specialises in long-term (4 hour and daily chart) price action trading. His blog is one of the most popular price action trading blogs on the net. Nial has been trading for over 14 years and is regarded as a honest, consistent and profitable Forex and CFD trader.

Below is my review of Nial Fuller's trading course...

The strategies work

Nial Fuller's blog has been running since 2008 (his course started a little later). His strategies do offer an edge and they have been consistently reliant. Nial's price action strategies are simple, yet effective. If you are looking for a simple way to trade the FX markets, then Nial's course may be for you.

It's under-priced!

The course is much cheaper than most of Nial's competitors. The site often runs special offers which make the course even more of a bargain. What's even better is that purchasing the course allows lifetime access - no annual renewal fees or extra costs!

It's price action based

Price action continues to grow in popularity. Many traders prefer price action analysis over indicator analysis as it provides a more "real" study of price and what it is doing. Even if you plan on using technical indicators, knowing and using price action as part of your analysis can make the difference between being a profitable trader and a losing trader.

The content is clear and Nial's approach is transparent

Nial has a strong reputation and numerous positive reviews across many trusted websites. His material is transparent and easy to follow.

What you may not like

There are always some criticisms. Even though his course deserves praise, the content is aimed at new traders. If you already know the basics of price action and Forex trading, you may be disappointed with your purchase.

A lot of the material can be found on-line for free. If you use your common sense, you can also determine Nial's strategies by simply going through his free YouTube videos.

His content is aimed at mainly trading the 4 hour and daily charts. Even though the principles of his strategies could be adjusted to trade smaller time-frames, the course does not offer this and Nial discourages it. If you are looking to trade on time-frames smaller than the 4 hour, this course may not be for you.


I recommend Nial's course. If you are struggling to make Forex profits and need a simple strategy, this could be it. If you already have a strong price action foundation though, a lot of the material may not be useful and you may be able to follow his strategy by simply following his YouTube account.

The extra features of membership are very appealing (newsletters, email support, etc). I don't believe you could get better for your money anywhere where on the web.


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