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The Best Free Forex Courses

The internet is full of free Forex content. This content includes free Forex training videos, free Forex courses and various Forex trading blogs. Many new traders can feel overwhelmed and some of this content is questionable. To help with this, I have created a simple list of my top rated free Forex courses that you can take online. Please have a read and use the appropriate links to access the material...

My Top 5 Free Forex Courses

#1 - Babypips - School of Pipsology

babypips logo

Babypips is a free Forex trading site that offers various content, tools and features for aspiring Forex traders. Their School of Pipsology online course will teach you everything you need to need from understanding what the Forex market is to reading and analysing Forex price charts. I have rated the course number 1 for the following reasons...

- All the trading basics are covered - you will literally learn everything you need to get started and more.
- The course is by far the most interactive Forex trading course online. Each module has revision and test features and various links to related content.
- It is very well-written and presented - you shouldn't get bored!

To start the School of Pipsology Forex course, please use this link.

#2 - Technical Forex - Forex 101

technical forex logo

The only thing that Babypips is lacking is video content - this is where Technical Forex comes in. The Forex 101 courses offered by Technical Forex are very extensive and combine what is taught at Babypips with free video content. Each Forex 101 course follows each other and becomes a little more advance - helping the student to progress at a logical pace. The Forex 101 courses cover Forex trading basics, Forex price action basics, Forex indicator basics and risk and money management.

To start the first Forex 101 course, please use this link.

#3 - DailyFX - Forex Education

dailyfx logo

DailyFX offer a very well-presented Forex training course that covers the basics of Forex trading as well as some more advanced education and other aspects of Forex trading that is not covered in typical Forex educational courses. The free course is all word-based (no video content). It is a shame that the good-looking girl on the intro video does not teach in every segment of the course - she appears on the intro segment only!

To start the Forex Education Course, please use this link.

#4 - love-the-pips - Free Price Action Course

samuel morton trader logo

The Free Price Action Course offered by love-the-pips (Samuel Morton, an independent Forex trader) is purely video based. If you are wanting a video course and have a particular interest in price action (the very basics of technical analysis), then this course could be the one for you.

To start the Free Price Action Course, please use this link.

#5 - Forex School Online - Free Online Beginners Course

forex school online logo

This is a very basic course that is all word-based. It is not as flashy as the Forex content offered at Babypips or Technical Forex but it teaches what you need to know to get started with Forex trading.

To start the Free Online Beginners Course, please use this link.


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