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The Top 5 Forex Price Action Sites - Reviewed and Listed

I have visited many price action trading websites over the past decade. Some I visit regularly, some have only been of use to me once or twice. I thought best to combine my experience and create a list of my recommended price action websites. I am aware that I have not visited all available price action websites, so apologies if I have missed any sites worth noting.

Price Action Site #1 - Samuel Morton, -

lovethepips logo samuel morton

Samuel is a profitable and reliable price action trader. His website is a great resource to new and experienced price action traders. A lot of Samuel's price action material is for free but there is a paid course, as well as other paid products and services. 

His material is honest and down-to-earth. There are no quick sales or glamorous marketing tactics. His price action website and content is a safe place for those wanting to learn how to trade Forex using price action. 

Price Action Site #2 - Nial Fuller, - 

price action

If you are interested in price action content that is a bit more professional and that is tailored for longer-term time-frames, i.e 4 hourly, daily and weekly charts, then Nial Fuller's price action dot com site might be your best option.

The price action website offers free content on beginners price action and price action strategies. The content is aimed at swing tradings but can be applied to day trading.

Price action site
Price action for beginners
Price action strategies 

Price Action Site #3 - Babypips - 

baby pips

Babypips is a large website that offers free content on general Forex trading. There are some helpful pages and content specifically for price action trading though. These include a forum with dedicated price action threads and a Forex school with dedicated price action pages.

Price action threads
Price action school

Price Action Site #4 - Technical Forex - 

technical forex

Similar to Babypips, Technical Forex is a large website for general Forex trading and technical analysis. They also have a forum with dedicated price action threads and a free price action course.

Free price action course
Forex price action forum 

Price Action Site #5 - The Forex Guy - 

the forex guy

This guy pops up a lot. His content is worth viewing but he reviews are mixed. He seems a little controversial. 


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