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Forex Book Reviews

I have read a lot of trading books. There are actually not many Forex specific trading books but the principles and lessons taught in most general trading books are universal - they are applicable to Forex trading and any other financial trading.

Below is my full list of trading book reviews. Simply click on a title to read the review.

If you are interested in seeing my top 10 most recommended trading books, please use the link below...

My Top 10 Recommended Trading Books - Click here

Please click on each title to read my book review...

1 Hour Trading - Zach Raymond - Review - 1/5

A Beginner's Guide to Short-Term Trading - Toni Turner - Review - 4/5

Barings Bankruptcy and Financial Derivatives - Dr Peter G. Zhang - Review - 3/5

Come Into My Trading Room - Dr. Alexander Elder - Review - 5/5

Following the Trend - Andreas F. Clenow - Review - 3/5

Going for Broke - Judith Rawnsley - Review - 4/5

Hot Commodities - Jim Rodgers - Review - 3/5
How I Made $2,000,000 in the Stock Market - Nicholas Darvas - Review - 5/5
How the Trading Floor Really Works - Turri Duhon - Review - 5/5 
How to Make Money Trading - Lex Van Dam - Review - 4/5

Inside the House of Money - Steven Drobny - Review - 4/5

Japanese Candlestick Charting Techniques - Review - 3/5

Market Wizards (Interviews with Top Traders) - Jack D. Schwager - Review - 5/5
Mastering the Trade - John F. Cater - Review - 5/5
Masters of Nothing - Nadhim Zahawi and Matthew Hancock - Review - 2/5
More Money Than God - Sebastian Mallaby - Review - 3/5

Naked Forex - Walter Peters - Review - 5/5

Options, Futures, and Other Derivatives - John C. Hull - Review - 4/5

Pit Bull - Martin Schwartz - Review - 5/5

Reminiscences of a Stock Operator - Edwin Lefevre - Review -5/5

The Greatest Trade Ever - Gregory Zuckerman -Review - 5/5
The Little Black Book of Forex Trading - Paul Langer - Review - 2/5
The Market Maker's Edge - Joshua Lukeman - Review -5/5
Total Risk - Judith Rawnsley - Review - 4/5
Trading Beyond the Matrix - Van K. Tharp - Review - 4/5
Trading Commodities & Financial Futures - George Kleinman - Review - 4/5
Trading in the Zone - Mark Douglas - Review - 3.5/5

Wall Street: the other Las Vegas - Nicholas Darvas - Review - 4/5


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